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Kennel Farm

A family run Wiltshire farm offering self catering accomodation and more

Our Farm

Our Flock of Wiltshire Horn


We like to offer our local customers the opportunity to buy, home grown, grass fed lamb seasonally.

Our gorgeous small flock of Wiltshire Horn ewes lamb, annually in April, the lambs are then reared by their mothers- who graze on our extensive grass land.

By Christmas time we are able to offer fabulous tasting meat for roasting, slow cooking and of course lovely lamb chops.

We offer whole or half, bagged and labelled lamb delivered to your door. Prices Whole £110 Half £55 delivered Salisbury.

Swallows- Between the months of April and September you will share the farm and yard with the visiting swallows and house martins which stay here the summer.


Piglet is our pet Berkshire pig, she is 7 years old. She loves apples and other fruit or veg.

Bat Pig and Robin are two kune kune cross pigs who are very friendly pets too.

We often have other piglets to fatten up. They only stay for around 6 months before its sausage time.


Lambkin was born here in 2014, she had to be bottle fed and grew up thinking she was half human. She is very tame and eats sheep mix out of your hand. In 2016 Lambkin herself gave birth to a ram lamb.

Chickens various

Chickens here provide us with lovely different coloured eggs. £1.50 half dozen.